Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay? That should never be the question

Until last year, ransomware used to be something that many of us heard about, but thankfully never had to deal with. That all changed in 2016, as cybercriminals found massive success through new varieties of this throwback attack technique. According to the FBI, ransomware attacks grew by more than 300% in 2016, with most of those attacks impacting businesses like yours.

With its growing popularity, odds are your organization will be faced with a ransomware attack. The key to dealing with ransomware is understanding how it works and the steps you should take to limit damage in the event of an attack. With proper planning and preparation, you should never find yourself wondering if you’ll have to pay a ransom.

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  • Understand the evolution of ransomware and which varieties could target your business.
  • Prepare for a ransomware attack with a practical, easy-to-apply list of recommendations.
  • Manage the risk that comes through your third-party vendor relationships.

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